Making Gratitude Daily

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The onslaught of a cross country move to Seattle, WA from Tampa, FL gave me plenty of time to contemplate on all that is good in my life with a little help from Connie Leas’ book,  The Art of the Thank You: Crafting Notes of Gratitude.

I had bought the book right before I graduated from college in 2009. And then there it sat in my desk drawer with all my note card supplies for a year and half. With the purging of items for the big  move, I was tempted to donate this book as well. (I love to purge! The ability to create weightlessness in life by getting rid if inanimate objects is great!) Instead, I packed it in my carryon bag for the flight; determined to conquer this little book of wisdom.

The small book walks you through step by step to the different types of thank you notes along with the time frames and other niceties. Walking off the plane in Seattle, I was now a wiser woman on how to express “Thank You” in a note. But who to say it to now that I had all this pent up gratitude?

That is when I realized if I found just one thing a day for which I could be thankful for; my life and outlook on life would be greatly improved.

That is my goal. I’m not promising to write a note everyday. But at least by keeping this in mind, I am continually searching for the  jewels in people around me that God has put in my path.

Enjoy! Hopefully you will also start looking for ways to say “Thank You” to the people around you.


4 thoughts on “Making Gratitude Daily

  1. My children are so prolific! Gin your thoughts are expressed so wonderfully! You would be one to write about this topic. You are a joy!

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