Kindred Sole

Art Doodles

Imagine my delight at having hundreds of shoes delivered to my mailbox!  Crafted confections of feathers, bows, sparkles and plenty of sky high stilettos. Oh Boy!

Page after page of them… Mad About Shoes.

My good friend, Holly, knew my obsessive love of shoes. Its kinda hard to miss! Her delight in finding a book all about shoes from a die hard shoe fanatic, Emma Bowd, prompted her to send it my way.

Emma Bowd has made shoes her life. (If only we could all be so lucky. *sigh*) While she is also loyal to other accessories like handbags her true vision is shoes. The Shoe Princess is her blog that details her travels, philanthropy and projects all based on this topic. A shoe blog; that sounds so natural. 🙂

Oh was I ever happy to receive the book! True friends really do know how to make even a bleak day unexpectedly shine with new brilliance. Holly and I have consistently stayed in touch through the timeless form of snail mail through our years of uncertain post-graduation turmoil. We have each other’s phone numbers, emails and even friends on Facebook but we still hold firm to the written word. I don’t believe there is any other form of correspondence that has the same feeling of anticipation and reward like receiving letters in your mailbox.

If only I could have a shrine to shoes like this in my bedroom. A portrait of Imelda Marcos, the true shoe goddess, surrounded by my favorite foot decorations like these Stuart Weitzman ruby red heels.


2 thoughts on “Kindred Sole

    1. Yes, she is!

      I just heard that she was accepted for an AmeriCorp position in Tampa to help out young men like the ones you used to help out. I wonder if it is the same program?

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