Grapeful for Mary

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“From wine what sudden friendship springs!”
– John Gay “The Squire and the Cur,” ‘Fables’

It has been one year, one month and some odd days since I have become friends with Mary.

Relativity short time in the value of great friendships.  Never the less, we are! I believe it is the bonding over my cousin’s, her best friend’s, wedding that started our friendship off to a great start. The maintenance came from us both moving to the West coast to share in the unique ways of the Pacific North West. Food, beer/wine and great times!

Mary came up to Seattle for a girl’s weekend recently bearing a gift of wine. (Now I feel like an adult when a friend brings a gift to my home.) We had a great time catching up on each other’s lives and how they are changing along with exploring Seattle.

I have precious little time left with Mary. She will be moving back East again in 2 weeks. What will I do without my Little Lady?

This is the little note that will be arriving today (crossed fingers…hopefully my calculations with the postal service are correct). Thanks Mary!

I saw this quote on a reusable grocery bag in my local PCC market. Immediately, I thought of Mary. Not only is she incredibly cool, just because, she is also an avid cheerleader for the environment. Check out her blog to see for yourself: for a life inspired

“Wine is sunlight held together by water.”

Galileo Galilee


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