Inspiration Friday #1

Inspiration by Mail

I’ve decided that every artist needs a day… or three to let the creative juices percolate.  My solution: Inspiration Friday. Little tidbits I find that help me to sit down and create everyday.

This first one is an excerpt from The Art of the Thank You: Crafting Notes of Gratitude. Connie Leas writes “Here’s a thank-you poem my sister wrote to the family with whom she stayed while she was waiting for escrow to close on her new home.”

“I owe you so much for caring for me,

Without you I’d be camped ‘neath a tree.

There’re items I’d buy, but which would it be?

The list looks like Christmas- I dream it will glee,

A dog who doesn’t chase cows would be nice,

Or a year’s worth of bandages for knees that need ice.

Cookies and tea for all of our ills

And loads of money for high doctor bills.

But not one of those could come close to the fee

I owe you IN LOVE, which at your house is free.

You fed me, and kept me out of straits dire;

You drew me a lion; you fixed my flat tire.

You carried my stuff; you took me to sales

In garages with bargains in bonnets and pails!

You told me good stories before I retired

And even were generous with your clothes dryer.

You both were just perfect, like Mom and like Dad; so…

I’ve made a decision I hope you’ll find glad.

I can’t bear to leave you, next Friday, I think-

So I’ll send the trucks back and stay under the sink.”

Cute, huh? When I read this poem 36 pages into the book I knew I would like the remaining 151 pages. To inspiration!


One thought on “Inspiration Friday #1

  1. This is what my mom wrote in response to Inspiration Friday #1:

    It’s hard to believe
    That you would need
    An inspiration boost.
    As you sit and stew
    You will find deep within you
    Many ideas brew.
    You’re awful cute
    And great fun
    You make life grand
    I’m your biggest fan!

    Love you too mom!

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