Coast to Coast

Art Doodles

Its amazing how people meet, friendships happen and life takes hold.

I first met Gabrielle through one of my best friends, Monica.  Angie, Monica and I are the three amigas that are branched out into completely different areas in life. It makes for great diversity in our friendships, events and life views. A beautiful way to live.

Gabrielle has since moved to Portland to enjoy in the sweeter side of life. Local Farmer’s markets, diverse views on life, a cyclist mentality and the great outdoors.  I recently went to visit her for a girl’s weekend of fun. She so sweetly opened up her life to my friend and I while visiting. From luxurious foot treatments to the nightlife of Portland, an overall great weekend.

I love being able to move around the country (and hopefully the world someday) and still be able to find great friends in every nook.

A little road map to the happy events in Portland.

(Not at all geographically correct.)


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