The Party Bus!

Art Doodles

Well actually it was a car with two great people and one super cute rumbustious dog, Lucy. But there was a party involved!

My roommate’s birthday was this past Sunday, which of course means presents, balloons, cake and a party! The only downside to all that sugary pink goodness is that the party was in Woodinville at her mom’s house. For all of those people who don’t know the greater Seattle area, its one large hop over Lake Washington and a drive. My being so eco-friendly that I don’t own a car (thats what I keep telling myself while I ride the bus “Its for the environment!”) posed a problem when buses don’t run as regular on the weekends. Hmm what to do?

To solve this minor issue, I asked my roommate’s brother and sister-in-law if I could carpool along with them. Haden and Carly graciously said I could. Thanks!

Its amazing how when  you are out on your own in a new place, without a car, the different relationships that you form. I will say the giving attitude of so many people has me believing that America is still a great place to live.

God Bless America!

There’s little Lucy!


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