Mail for a Hobby

Inspiration by Mail

Everyone enjoys receiving stamped envelopes, packages or postcards in their mailbox. As long as they aren’t bills or notices. Why did the postal system have to deflate the joy of going to the mailbox with bills?

Laura Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) never had to worry about collecting mail with bills in it. She always had letters from her relatives, newspapers and one time a box filled with clothes and butter. Hmmm!  A girls dream!

It is always a guessing game right before I turn the envelope to see who it might be from. Grandma Bee, Mom, Holly, Ralph? The list goes on. It is almost like Christmas morning with the anticipation of finding out what is in the red and green bowed tied packaged. I love Christmas! Glad I can take a little bit of it with me all year long.

I recently was told about a website called Postcard Exchange. If you truly look forward to finding little treats in your mailbox then this might be great for you! This is a website where you and thousands of other people around the world can send postcards to each other. I believe the reason it started was that many people enjoy collecting postcards. But when your bandwidth of friends only travels so far it leaves you with a deficit of interesting cards. Who wants 5 postcards of the Grand Canyon or the very very very large plastic hamburger?

Problem solved. Join this website and receive postcards from Switzerland, Geneva and Iceland! The profile you create on the website lets you determine the different type of postcards that you would like to be sent. Fishing and figure skating not your thing, don’t worry! None of those will show up in your anticipated mailbox.

Of course with each postcard sent you learn a little bit about #374 or #825. They enjoyed the food while visiting blank and almost broke their neck climbing blank. Meeting new people and hearing about experiences is always a joy and inspiration!

I will disclaim that I haven’t actually signed up for it…yet. 🙂

Two of my favorite all time postcards.

This is the Acton Trading Post (otherwise known as “The Foot”) in Mousam Lake, Maine. Its funny that the breeze I woke up to this morning reminded me exactly of the breezes drifting off the lake while sleeping the boat.

Aaaaah Maine, I miss you.

And then there is Claude Monet. The man in my life. He painted water lilies, let his wife paint the house pink and lived among the flowers. What a man! I bought this postcard in Giverny, France when I went to see his house and the water lily ponds. He his now proudly framed in my room.


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