Metro Love

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I don’t own a car.

Let’s start with that. I am dependent upon the good graces of the Seattle Metro Transit System.

While some of you are cringing at the thought of getting on public transit with the germ infested seats, sometimes weird people and the obvious commute time, all I can think of is dollar signs ca-chinging into my virtual pink piggy bank. How nice is to have the option to use public transit and not to pay for a car, insurance, gas and parking.

Plus I get to read! This is definitely one of my favorite things to do in life. Right up there with sleeping in my amazingly comfortable bed piled high with down blankets and pillows. Its a great thing when I get to read in bed after a long day. Nothing like combing my two favorite things.

I think it is quite ironic the number of people that complain about taking the bus. The buses are too late, too slow, too crowded, etc. But I think they have forgotten that all of the activities that they like to do (reading, playing/talking on their phones- illegal to do while driving in Washington, meeting new people, and saving money), they wouldn’t be able to do if the bus system wasn’t formed.

While I don’t appreciated when my bus is late or crowded or slow, I have come to thank God everyday that I live in place that allows me to commute in this form. It is very true that we all need to look for the blessings in our lives even when it seems like a downfall.

The Seattle Metro Transit System usually only hears the negative side of their operations so I decided to send a little cheer their way.


One thought on “Metro Love

  1. I always enjoyed the travel on the seattle metro. I did have options but chose no to use them. When you do not have options a late pickup or full bus could be a pain.

    Way to go kiddo. Like the pics and the comments. I like your postings.

    Not to mention, you are in Seattle. sweeeeeeet!

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