A Little Snip, Great Big Boost!

Art Doodles

In life, sometimes you need to get rid of the split ends. Whether thats actual hair, people, places or attitudes.

In my case, it was a big, fluffy, thick attitude that was giving me a downer mood.

I have extremely thick hair. Not only is it coarse and thick but has a little bit of its own mind to go with it. And people wonder where I get my spunk from! Its all the extra electric current running through my hair! Hahahaaa

Case in point: Here’s a snap shot.

Thank goodness the world of hair styling has come up with great techniques, products and ingenious ideas on how to deal with hair like mine.

Finding a new hair stylist is always a challenge for me. I need strong talented hands that can tame the mane. I found one in Seattle! Her lovely name is Carson at the Gene Juarez salon in downtown Seattle. She tackled my hair with a skillful eye and enthusiastic vigor. I came in feeling dowdy and left exuding sleek confidence with a new bob.

Gone was the downer mood and all the extra hair! I’m always amazed how much hair actually needs to be cut each time. Especially when I still have lots of hair left over on my head!

Thank you Carson for making me feel like woman again!


7 thoughts on “A Little Snip, Great Big Boost!

  1. Ummm did you read the post? I don’t know if “Thank You” is the correct response to your very generous gift. Zach’s special name for me, which will not be mentioned, isn’t quite a gift. 😉

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