Crash Landing

Art Doodles

It is amazing to me how people can be so diverse in interests, talents and jobs. We are a talented group of people that can do almost anything! I’m still working on figuring out how to fly. Maybe only downfall to be being human. No wings.

Galen is one of those people that is immensely gifted in many things. From great photographer to computer programer to marathon sprinter! His discipline, eye for detail and patience make him who he is…AWESOME!!!!

My lovely (old) laptop crashed last year leaving me without a connection to the outside world! Oh no! To the rescue, Galen!

My work needed a photographer for a ballroom dancing event. Galen swoops in again!

A great friend to the family, whose uplifting conversation and pension for laughter makes for enjoyable company anytime, who else but Galen!

Thanks Galen for wearing many hats in the friendships that you have with the ones around you.

 Galen & I at the ballroom dancing event. I finally got him out from

behind the camera for a picture!

Galen is an avid marathon-er. His little gift corresponded to it and the card too.

Note: I am slightly cheating with this post since I wrote this “Thank You” card in February which was sent along with a little gift for Galen. Still counts, right?

Second Note: Sorry the picture is fuzzy. I’ll have to work on my technical skills to figure it out. Uhhhh Galen?!…… Kidding! 🙂


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