Cup of Sugar Kinda Place

Art Doodles

It all started with a plate of homemade banana oat muffins.

Who can resist warm muffins right of the oven?  After hearing that I had two new families move into my building, I knew right away that baked goods were in need. Nothing says welcome like homemade goodness!

Now that my building has lots of little kids in it; there is life everywhere! The cute squeals of delight over an unknown object, the notes written on lined school paper in search of new friends, and little gifts left on doorsteps.

I came home on Monday night, after a weekend away, to find two plates of goodies on my doorstep. One with homemade chocolate chip cookies! How did they know I was craving sugar and chocolate to no end? I gobbled those up while reading their beautiful postcard of the rice paddies.

The second plate was a note with pink marker handwriting and real seashells. Just the kind of shells that I would find on the beach when I was little in Rhode Island.  I’ve been craving salty air, long stretches of warm sand and rough waves. Their gift helped to ease my longing… a little.

I’m glad I can live in a place where the neighbors are friendly and the food is good! Come borrow a cup of sugar anytime!

Today is a Double Feature! Enjoy!

Me, munching on the cookies with a glass of milk while my roommate’s cat salivates over them. Nothing like gooey chocolate chip cookies after a long day.

Its a little hard to see in this picture but I’m listening to the sounds of the ocean through the little shell. I was born to be on the beach all day!


2 thoughts on “Cup of Sugar Kinda Place

  1. I am known as many things and been given many names but I most appreciate in Tampa being called “Ginny’s dad”. Of all my feeble accomplishments, creations and employments, I find the most pleasure in life comes from what God has provided through the minds and creativity of my children as they experience life.

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