Caught in the Act

Art Doodles

Once in awhile there are people that just make you feel like your “home”. There isn’t any pretense, over explanation of thoughts and ideas or confusion on who they are as a person in relation to you. Marie was that person for me this summer.

Marie was the summer intern for the gallery where I work.  And we had a BLAST! Now this isn’t really about Marie but I had to give a little background for you.

The other real thank you goes out to Marie’s parents who I finally got to meet recently when they arrived to cart their daughter home. The mid-western hospitality and charm that they are so well known for followed them all the way to Seattle. They brought presents from Minnesota!

Minnesota is known for many things. SPAM, buffalo jerky, wild rice, and great soaps to name a few. Of course there are whole bunch of other things too. I was privileged to receive Thymes bath and hand soaps that are locally made near Marie’s family home. (I’m not a big fan of SPAM so that was a relief!) They smell delicious. The Kimono Rose Hand Soap has a very light subtle fragrance that doesn’t over power the senses. The Eucalyptus body smells like what clean earth should be. Can’t wait to lather up some suds and use them.

Thank you!

I think this is my favorite sketch-painting so far. This is a little illustration of me suds-ing up with the Thymes body wash. It reminds me of my favorite children’s books that were done in this style.


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