Inspiration Friday #4: How I Survive

Inspiration by Mail

Everyone needs something in their life that allows them to smile every single day. Life shouldn’t be lived in a state of a continual frown.

For me its usually the small things that cause me to twerk up the corners of mouth and chuckle. This week has been full of smirking smiles and outright laughter.


1) Receiving a mailbox full of letters and a present!

2) Discovering a surprise on my doorstep from the new family in my building. They gave me coral, a pink heart ring and a friendship bracelet! Oh, to have new friends!

3) A genuine hug from a friend. Hugs will get me every time.


1) Having one of the little boys I babysit say while taking a walk, “Isn’t it a goooorjus (gorgeous) day Miss Virginia?” Now I wonder where he learned that word with the pronunciation from? Hahhhaaaa. Next word to learn, stupendous.

2) My own private dance party this morning to get pumped up today.

While in college studying psychology, I read many scientific studies that proved smiling and laughing everyday increases life expectancy, decreases disease and improves quality of life. Take a look at this link to learn some more.

Improve your life today. Find something to be thankful for and smile about it!

“You’re on the right road if you’re happy when you’re lost.”

Mark M. Baldwin (b. 1941)


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