Butter Bell of the Ball!

Art Doodles

I truly have an amazing family rich with heritage and love for each other!

My lovely Grandma Bee once again has made my day by giving me a little present in the mail. (One of the happy surprises that showed up in my mailbox last week.)

The best presents of all are the ones that are remembered requests. I am not a person for knick-knacks and other people’s vacation mementos. Instead I would rather pass up a birthday or holiday until there is a present that actually means something. (Now I say this, but my birthday is soon. So… here is my birthday wish list-click to enlarge. Here ya go mom!)

Now back to the present not the presents. (Insert fake chuckle now…bad joke.)

My Grandma Bee is so wonderful that she remembered my wishing for a Butter Bell years ago and found me one recently! My kind of gift. Useful, thoughtful and very chic!

If you don’t know what a butter bell is or the use for it, take a look here. Quite fascinating and very handy for morning toast.

Thanks Grandma Bee!

Life really is all about the fat in life. Butter being one of the most delicious of them all! I have one request. It must be said like this “Budd-daaahhh!” Let it drip off your tongue as you dream of flaky pie crusts, golden grilled cheese sandwiches, and large pats on top of creamy mashed potatoes. Hmm hmmm hmm! Its late and I have officially given myself the munchies!


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