Senoritas & Tiaras

Art Doodles

The lights are set, the curtains drawn, music is playing.

I receive one more loving pat to my hair and tug to my dress. Then a shove onto stage. For a brief moment, I look back at her before I’m blinded by the lights. We both smile. We’ve got this!

After conquering the 1st Annual USF Fashion Show, Spanish class, USF Bookstore, Miss Dance Marathon and college life, we already knew we were the ones with the crowns.

It seemed like throughout all of our college career together, we had been assisting and helping each other out. Effortless thoughts that combined into something special.

My Backstage Mom was the one to push me into participating in the Miss Dance Marathon Pageant. Am I graceful? No! Am I outwardly talented? No! Did I volunteer beyond my limits? Maybe, but I still slept 6 hours a night. What reasons did I have to enter the running?

Kat, aka LoneWolf, didn’t think any of those were reasons not to enter. She might be a little crazy but that is why we get along so well! And of course she would push me into the it when she herself is more qualified to be up on stage than myself!

I didn’t get the crown for Miss USF. Really can you see me parading around cupping my hand waving with a tiara on my head? Wait, you can? Its ok I still have high hopes for when I am Miss Senior Citizen of the year in my retirement home. Practice takes time, repetition and progress. I’ll get there eventually, hopefully not too soon.

My best friend, Backstage Mom, LoneWolf to my CandyCane, lover of books, fashionista, and confidant will always be there for me. And I for her!

Thanks Kat for making my college experience one to remember for always. We both were the ones who received the crowns wherever we went! I am blessed to call you friend.


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