Inspiration #7: Part of the Team

Inspiration by Mail

While I hope that there are more viewers than my dad, mom and sister who see my daily doodlings with ink, I’m never quite sure. Imagine my surprise and delight when Miss Cathy (who basically is family too) became an avid fan! Someone who is only “basically” family is reading my blog! Holy crap! Thats wonderful!

Unfortunately, Miss Cathy had shoulder surgery this past week. Ouch! So to invite her to recuperate and check the mailbox, I’ve sent her a little cheering up note. With lots of prayers, good doctors and I’m sure strong meds, she will be back on stage singing her heart out!

I firmly believe that to heal any wound whether that be a scratch on the knee, a wounded heart or actual slicing and dicing, you need sugar of some sorts. If I could medically prove that sugar helps to increase white blood cells to fight off infection and improve the overall immune system: A) I would be amazing, B) be extremely smart! Since I can’t send a popsicle her way (my favorite method of sweetness) I have decided to send her Ellie, her  granddaughter and my niece, playing the piano that Miss Cathy/Mia taught her.

 Ellie is just a little precocious. During one of Miss Cathy and Ellie’s piano lessons, Ellie looked up at Miss Cathy and said “Mia, I think we both know that this really isn’t about learning to play the piano but about you and me time. Let’s just have cookies and tea and chat.”  Cute, right?

Ok, Miss Cathy, you’ve been on the bench and now its time for you to get back in the game! We need you! With all of the family spread around the continental US and Miss Thank You looking for inspiration you can’t fail us now. Keep your chin up (or rather in baseball down)!

Its actually quite funny that I have used a baseball metaphor since I really don’t like baseball at all. Except maybe for the Cracker Jack, hot dogs and soda. Ooooh and The Wave!


All in the Family

Art Doodles

Breakfast is not my favorite meal but add in a couple of super stinkin’ cute nephews and niece along with my brother and sister-in-law and its my top meal of the day!

For my birthday this year my brother and his family took me out to breakfast after church. After making a long delay at a restaurant we settled on a different one that had a balloon blower taking “hot” air and molding into fun creations for the kids. I asked the man to make some creations for the boys more for me to be entertained than them! I guess even after turning 24 I am still such a kid at heart. Give me a color by number menu and some crayons when eating out anytime. Seriously, if I open up a restaurant all of the menus will have coloring pages integrated into them.

Nephew #2 (he got a balloon motorcycle), Auntie Gin and Nephew #1 (a orange car with green wheels that was a bracelet too)

The best present of all is being able to spend time with my family. Moving across the country to be closer to them was the best decision I have made this year. It is paying back in multiples.

This might be the best “Auntie” card ever. Three hands of my favorite little kids. Its going in the vault to pull out on a rainy day.

Thank you to Zach, Melissa, the kiddos and Mrs. E for celebrating my birthday with me. Even with all the issues that day! I had a great time because it was with you. Love you much!

Oh what a cheesy circle of love! Zach and Melissa are expecting their 4th child this year or perhaps next. The new baby is right on the cusp. Yeah for new births and life to the world!

Pharmaceutical Save

Art Doodles

The local Bartell Drugs in Wallingford has been my requisite savior from checking WebMD to self diagnose with of course the most rare disease out there. I am not a full blown hypochondriac but lets say my first thought isn’t that it is a bug bite.

When I was a kid I would bandage up my feet, hands, arms or even legs (not all at the same time) with Ace bandages. I wasn’t even hurt! Not a scratch!  My poor family had to describe each time an “outsider” would ask “What happened to Ginny?” (Are you thinking right now, whose Ginny? Its my childhood nickname that is infrequently used my friends who knew way back when.) I guess being the middle child with an interest in medicine created a bandaging fiend.

My recent trip to Bartell Drugs had me slightly in a flushed state of embarrassment. No, I’m not going to say why. Nothing contagious or harmful. Just not ideal. The pharmacist on duty helped me with such ease that my full blown clown cheeks reduced to a pink glow by the end of our discussion. With my product of choice in hand I went to the counter and didn’t even flinch when I was checked out. Amazing how an understanding voice, calming attitude and professional medical advice can change a situation.

Thank you to the pharmacist at Bartell Drugs who I don’t even know your name. You’re a life saver!

Besides going to Bartell’s for actual pharmaceutical help, I enjoy wondering the aisles and finding little treasures, cards, new products or paper to take home. Much like a hardware store; there is always something good to add to my collection of supplies.

Cupcake Surprise

Art Doodles

I am a huge fan of mail, as we all know. Recently for my birthday, my good friend Rose went beyond the normal Facebook “Happy Birthday” message. I received a phone call, text message, birthday card and Facebook post with one of my favorite artist’s, Michael Buble, crooning a song just for me. I was flabbergasted that she had reached out to me in every possible way even though she now lives in the barren land of Minnesota. To be loved over a span of land is a great feeling especially on my birthday.

The birthday card she sent was a glittering cupcake in vibrant colors that almost had me making a wish that it was actually real.

Fine Feathered Friend

Art Doodles

This is what I have recently realized. I never buy jewelry for myself. I don’t know why that is. I always look at it. Try it on. And then think about it for days.

My solution comes in the form of great friends. I know I’ve expressed before that I’m not really a trinket person or tchotchke (pronounced CHOCH-kuh by they way. It was the word of the day yesterday) but jewelry is always a welcomed gift. Fancy me that one of my friends, Erin, surprised with a pair of vibrant earrings for my birthday. Their pattern is reminiscent of a feather but the color is all modern! Such a welcomed change of pace to that day.

Did I mention that Erin is breaking into the fashion industry? I didn’t! Well if you saw her super chic outfits you would know. She is constantly giving me new ideas and inspirations to spice up my current wardrobe. Love a little clothing girl time.

My model for the night was hanging around after our doodle session so I gave him a job of modeling the earring for this shot. He’s good, huh?

Thank you Erin for being extremely thoughtful and adding to my jewelry collection!

Erin and I spontaneously met for a cup of tea at Starbucks last week. Such a peaceful time to chit chat with a friend in the cozy confines of the coffee shop.

Inspiration #6: Point Taken

Inspiration by Mail

Short, sweet and to the point. Sometimes I struggle with this. Well actually I do the opposite a lot. My dad is always saying “Get to the point”.

I like a good back story. If I’m going to tell you something or ask your opinion I like you to know all the facts to make a good assessment. Otherwise, I will just ask you to side me with before I even tell you it. 😉

Getting to the point…I found this Marilyn Monroe thank you letter on Pinterest (my new favorite website.) Its three lines that are on topic and say it all. Champagne = wonderful + happy. Couldn’t agree more!

Somewhat inspiration/goal of the week, stay on task and be happy!

Wishes Do Come True

Art Doodles

I like a good wishlist. For me, they aren’t thrown together just to give someone an idea of what I would like. Usually they are items that I have labored over between buying myself many times. I tend to visit items in stores until I know I truly would enjoy, use and understand the value of the item. In the past, walking into the store and buying items off the shelf without contemplating fit, color, size or use was a common occurrence. Then ultimately giving it away only a few months later because I was dissatisfied.

Now that I am the ripe ol’ age of 24 (mid-twenties!) I have been practicing the method of contemplation and want vs need. Of course this is out of practicality and my little coin purse.

My mom started having my siblings and I write down our wishlist for birthdays and Christmas years ago. Think about it. It takes the stress off of the gift giver, if you feel so compelled to buy a gift, and you as the receiver end up with an item that you would truly enjoy. I think this is a slam dunk idea!

This year was no different. My amazing, wonderful, super-cool, great parents fulfilled my wishlist this year. 🙂 Here are a few snap shots.

Apparently, this year I have a thing for water. I’m just so thirsty all the time. My lovely little lady is so aesthetically pleasing sitting on my nightstand/headboard with my “City Vogue” ladies. Especially in the middle of the night when I wake up from a desert to find that she isn’t a mirage. And of course who doesn’t need a pink water bottle that is eco-friendly and rolls up when you are finished so it takes up less space in your bag! Ingenius!

Thank you Dad and Mom for listening to my every whim, creating me 24 years and 9 months ago, dealing with my scribbles on everything and being my welcoming hug. I love you very much!

No I have not spilled water on my nightstand with “Little Lady” but the sentiment on the card is very true. Even though I live thousands of miles and almost a whole country away from my parents their love still runs over and abundantly for me, which I can still feel even without there presence.

The Bands All Here

Art Doodles

I am perpetually getting ahead of myself. Or the people around me.

A recent visit to the EMP, showed me that sometimes I need to check myself before I wreck myself. (Just for you Zach.) My enthusiasm to play some instruments on a fake stage with the “band” didn’t quite extend to the rest of the performers. Fortunately my persuasive earnestness paid off and the band members agreed one by one. My charging ahead to the point of standing at the door to go backstage and realizing that some people really don’t like to do things like this had be reassessing my actions in life. Yet on these wonderful people’s vacation, I had guilt-ed them into performing. They were extreme troopers and did me proud! We have a picture to prove it.

They were true rockers and posed like ones. I on the other hand did a High School Musical jump too early in the count down and look like a doofus just standing around.

This picture will ever remind me to check the lives around me to see if they match what is going on.

Thank you to The “T” family and Joe for creating an awesome memory for me and letting me learn a lesson all by myself.

The band’s name was Jimmy Normal & The Freckles. I will have to admit that I have no idea who this band was. Now that doesn’t come as a surprise to my musically challenged brain. I don’t know if they ever had a SOLD OUT show but we did for sure! (You can’t see it in the picture but there is a SOLD OUT posting on the box office window.)

Zoom Zoom

Art Doodles

I’m blessed.

There really isn’t any other way to look at it.

Close friends helped me in a pinch with the use of their car. It may not sound like much but when needed the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Because of them I was able to attend my brother’s surprise birthday party, run a bunch of errands, meet friends from out of town and visit the family. All in all a wonderful weekend with four wheels.

I also realized that I cherish my morning and evening commutes about my day. This is where my musings on appreciation and Kindle time come into play. So a thank you goes out to God as well for charting out time in my day for me to be quiet.

I kind of felt like the commercial for Ikea that weekend with the car overloaded with things. So much to do and only a short amount of time to do it. Stuff it all into one trip is the solution!

Dinner with Friends

Art Doodles

Food, boxed wine and great conversation. Couldn’t ask for a better night with friends.

I met Chris and Sally through my church group in my previous neighborhood. They are warm, open and inviting. Their home isn’t any different. Sally has a great eye for style and decorating and Chris handles the coffee! It is always nice to sit down with friends and just relax with them. Sally even let me put my feet up on their coffee table/ottoman. My kinda girl!

I truly enjoy a home that is comfortable to an outsider and doesn’t have pretense. I am the sort of host that likes my guests to feel like they are apart of my family. Want a glass of water? Glasses to the right of sink. Feet cold? Blankets in the chest by the couch or fleece socks can be supplied. Away with the formal stuffy “company” living room. Life is meant to be lived with people and in great company.

Thank you to Chris and Sally! I enjoyed our time together and glad we could finally do it.

I was on a bit of inspiration overload after seeing all the ideas that I accumulated from Chris and Sally’s home along with Pinterest. Result, a very minimalist card. In a way, to the point.