Outward Inspection

Art Doodles

Every morning, I feel compelled to check my email to see what little tidbits will show up in my mailbox. Not quite the same appeal as checking my actual mailbox but almost.

Junk, Junk, Groupon-Yes!-white water rafting, Junk, JCREW-dangerous addiction, Mom-Love You!, Junk, Jones Design Company– Yea!…

I wasn’t really a follower of blogs until about 2 months ago. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer in basically every area of my life. A good thing needs time to grow.

I found this blog through looking at design inspiration pictures on a friend’s Facebook. I love to create and change things as I go. It was her painted wallpaper tutorial that got me intrigued. Now here is woman who is dedicated to the art of creating. I have yet to try the technique but love the idea.

What really inspired me to sign up for her blog emails and await the happenings of Jones Design Company in my inbox was her post on blogs. She actually came out and said what destructive nature it can be to compare yourself to another person’s pseudo-life. We all know that the pictures posted on Facebook or on blogs aren’t actually what life looks like. We make our life look pretty so we can show the world we have it all together. Well, when everyday we look at blogs, websites or facebook that portray the life we think is perfect we can only breed a quiet hatred in our hearts for others instead of inspiration for ourselves.

This was such a great realization on the discontentment that I was experiencing in my life. I have an extremely blessed life that allows me to pursue my dreams, create and portray God’s love to other people. Why am I feeling second best? My answer came from the realization that I had for a brief moment stopped looking to God and instead looked to a person to fulfill a need.

This Thank You goes to a courageous woman who posted the “evils” of blogs on her own blog. Ironically funny yet poignantly needed.

So now when you are surfing the web looking for inspiration or to be honest out of procrastination remember that what you see is not perfect and neither are you. Give yourself freedom to fail and try again. I have to remember that failing is apart of the biggest hurdles in life and the only ones worth overcoming.


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