Inspiration Friday #5: My Anthem

Inspiration by Mail

My inability to remember song titles, artists, albums and anything with music is a little frustrating. Especially when in our culture today music is a big part of everyone’s lives . But I LOVE MUSIC!!!

My problem has be solved! No longer do I need to remember all of the musical details of songs that I like. I have the The Soundtracked Life. Every morning while I ride the bus to work writing this blog I listen to one of the mixes that Mike has put together.

Currently: Things Falling into Place – The title of it is exactly what my life is right now. All coming together.

For awhile I was stuck on Nothing Like the Sun. For the obvious reason that Seattle wasn’t getting enough.

This one is just always a good one. Days of Wine & Roses

Congrats Mike on doing a fabulous job!

Oh by the way, I just happen to be friends with Mike. Super cool, huh?

Mike is the guy on the right surfing in Multinomah Falls, OR. Then you have strong man Madison, curtsy-ing Me, cute Mary, and funny man Joe!

Successful hike!


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