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I really enjoy being self sufficient. A woman able to do what needs to get done!

Or whatever projects I come up with. A lot of the times, I bite off more than I can chew. I am happy to say that with age my visions have started to match up with my abilities and realistic measures. Definitely helps with the outcome of the projects!

The most recent project was a need/want. My small bedroom, penchant for crafting and creating, childhood memories and miscellaneous items were looking for a solution just like this one. Thank you to the team at Martha Stewart for coming up with my answer.

Only problem in all of this is that I don’t own tools to create a masterpiece like this one. To the rescue!!! My big brother Zach. Not only did he lend me the tools but gave me the tutorials on how to use them and some helpful tips.

This should probably go out to my Dad as well since he taught me how to be a WOMAN from the start.

“Don’t be a Woman that Needs a Man…be a Woman a Man Needs!”

Here is the project completed. Painted inside and out: Ballet Slipper Pink & Quiet Rain- done! Piano hinge- installed. 8 rolling wheels- installed. Actually I have one piece to do on it and its decorate the front with some beautiful paper that I found. Just waiting for a rainy day.

Its great to be able to close the bookcase and not have to look at all the stuff inside. (While looking at this picture I realize that I need to get a bedskirt to hide my storage space and definitely put up curtains. Another rainy day project. Good thing fall has arrived and the pool is now closed.)

Thanks Bro! Glad I live close by now and have you around always.

By the way, today is Zach’s birthday! Happy Birthday!


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