Dinner with Friends

Art Doodles

Food, boxed wine and great conversation. Couldn’t ask for a better night with friends.

I met Chris and Sally through my church group in my previous neighborhood. They are warm, open and inviting. Their home isn’t any different. Sally has a great eye for style and decorating and Chris handles the coffee! It is always nice to sit down with friends and just relax with them. Sally even let me put my feet up on their coffee table/ottoman. My kinda girl!

I truly enjoy a home that is comfortable to an outsider and doesn’t have pretense. I am the sort of host that likes my guests to feel like they are apart of my family. Want a glass of water? Glasses to the right of sink. Feet cold? Blankets in the chest by the couch or fleece socks can be supplied. Away with the formal stuffy “company” living room. Life is meant to be lived with people and in great company.

Thank you to Chris and Sally! I enjoyed our time together and glad we could finally do it.

I was on a bit of inspiration overload after seeing all the ideas that I accumulated from Chris and Sally’s home along with Pinterest. Result, a very minimalist card. In a way, to the point.


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