Wishes Do Come True

Art Doodles

I like a good wishlist. For me, they aren’t thrown together just to give someone an idea of what I would like. Usually they are items that I have labored over between buying myself many times. I tend to visit items in stores until I know I truly would enjoy, use and understand the value of the item. In the past, walking into the store and buying items off the shelf without contemplating fit, color, size or use was a common occurrence. Then ultimately giving it away only a few months later because I was dissatisfied.

Now that I am the ripe ol’ age of 24 (mid-twenties!) I have been practicing the method of contemplation and want vs need. Of course this is out of practicality and my little coin purse.

My mom started having my siblings and I write down our wishlist for birthdays and Christmas years ago. Think about it. It takes the stress off of the gift giver, if you feel so compelled to buy a gift, and you as the receiver end up with an item that you would truly enjoy. I think this is a slam dunk idea!

This year was no different. My amazing, wonderful, super-cool, great parents fulfilled my wishlist this year. 🙂 Here are a few snap shots.

Apparently, this year I have a thing for water. I’m just so thirsty all the time. My lovely little lady is so aesthetically pleasing sitting on my nightstand/headboard with my “City Vogue” ladies. Especially in the middle of the night when I wake up from a desert to find that she isn’t a mirage. And of course who doesn’t need a pink water bottle that is eco-friendly and rolls up when you are finished so it takes up less space in your bag! Ingenius!

Thank you Dad and Mom for listening to my every whim, creating me 24 years and 9 months ago, dealing with my scribbles on everything and being my welcoming hug. I love you very much!

No I have not spilled water on my nightstand with “Little Lady” but the sentiment on the card is very true. Even though I live thousands of miles and almost a whole country away from my parents their love still runs over and abundantly for me, which I can still feel even without there presence.


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