Fine Feathered Friend

Art Doodles

This is what I have recently realized. I never buy jewelry for myself. I don’t know why that is. I always look at it. Try it on. And then think about it for days.

My solution comes in the form of great friends. I know I’ve expressed before that I’m not really a trinket person or tchotchke (pronounced CHOCH-kuh by they way. It was the word of the day yesterday) but jewelry is always a welcomed gift. Fancy me that one of my friends, Erin, surprised with a pair of vibrant earrings for my birthday. Their pattern is reminiscent of a feather but the color is all modern! Such a welcomed change of pace to that day.

Did I mention that Erin is breaking into the fashion industry? I didn’t! Well if you saw her super chic outfits you would know. She is constantly giving me new ideas and inspirations to spice up my current wardrobe. Love a little clothing girl time.

My model for the night was hanging around after our doodle session so I gave him a job of modeling the earring for this shot. He’s good, huh?

Thank you Erin for being extremely thoughtful and adding to my jewelry collection!

Erin and I spontaneously met for a cup of tea at Starbucks last week. Such a peaceful time to chit chat with a friend in the cozy confines of the coffee shop.


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