Pharmaceutical Save

Art Doodles

The local Bartell Drugs in Wallingford has been my requisite savior from checking WebMD to self diagnose with of course the most rare disease out there. I am not a full blown hypochondriac but lets say my first thought isn’t that it is a bug bite.

When I was a kid I would bandage up my feet, hands, arms or even legs (not all at the same time) with Ace bandages. I wasn’t even hurt! Not a scratch!  My poor family had to describe each time an “outsider” would ask “What happened to Ginny?” (Are you thinking right now, whose Ginny? Its my childhood nickname that is infrequently used my friends who knew way back when.) I guess being the middle child with an interest in medicine created a bandaging fiend.

My recent trip to Bartell Drugs had me slightly in a flushed state of embarrassment. No, I’m not going to say why. Nothing contagious or harmful. Just not ideal. The pharmacist on duty helped me with such ease that my full blown clown cheeks reduced to a pink glow by the end of our discussion. With my product of choice in hand I went to the counter and didn’t even flinch when I was checked out. Amazing how an understanding voice, calming attitude and professional medical advice can change a situation.

Thank you to the pharmacist at Bartell Drugs who I don’t even know your name. You’re a life saver!

Besides going to Bartell’s for actual pharmaceutical help, I enjoy wondering the aisles and finding little treasures, cards, new products or paper to take home. Much like a hardware store; there is always something good to add to my collection of supplies.


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