Inspiration #7: Part of the Team

Inspiration by Mail

While I hope that there are more viewers than my dad, mom and sister who see my daily doodlings with ink, I’m never quite sure. Imagine my surprise and delight when Miss Cathy (who basically is family too) became an avid fan! Someone who is only “basically” family is reading my blog! Holy crap! Thats wonderful!

Unfortunately, Miss Cathy had shoulder surgery this past week. Ouch! So to invite her to recuperate and check the mailbox, I’ve sent her a little cheering up note. With lots of prayers, good doctors and I’m sure strong meds, she will be back on stage singing her heart out!

I firmly believe that to heal any wound whether that be a scratch on the knee, a wounded heart or actual slicing and dicing, you need sugar of some sorts. If I could medically prove that sugar helps to increase white blood cells to fight off infection and improve the overall immune system: A) I would be amazing, B) be extremely smart! Since I can’t send a popsicle her way (my favorite method of sweetness) I have decided to send her Ellie, her  granddaughter and my niece, playing the piano that Miss Cathy/Mia taught her.

 Ellie is just a little precocious. During one of Miss Cathy and Ellie’s piano lessons, Ellie looked up at Miss Cathy and said “Mia, I think we both know that this really isn’t about learning to play the piano but about you and me time. Let’s just have cookies and tea and chat.”  Cute, right?

Ok, Miss Cathy, you’ve been on the bench and now its time for you to get back in the game! We need you! With all of the family spread around the continental US and Miss Thank You looking for inspiration you can’t fail us now. Keep your chin up (or rather in baseball down)!

Its actually quite funny that I have used a baseball metaphor since I really don’t like baseball at all. Except maybe for the Cracker Jack, hot dogs and soda. Ooooh and The Wave!


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