Rip Roaring Time

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I love the wind and water. At this very moment, I am buried beneath a fluffy down comforter so I can I have the window open to feel the cool (getting colder) breeze and smell the rain kissed air.

Naturally I would enjoy white water rafting! And I do! I revel in the eminent possibility of being overturned at any moment into a raging river. Yup, sounds like a pretty good time to me! Here is a snap shot of a rafting trip I took with my family two years ago. We…aaaaa… forgot…to…aaaaaa …HIGHSIDE!

Do you see the look of pure enjoyment on my face? I might be the only one smiling in the group (I’m the one next to the guide in the orange hat). Our guide, Rob, gave us a sound lashing laced with a few choice New Yorker swear words afterwards, but it was worth it!

My most recent rafting trip wasn’t quite that eventful. Unfortunately, no dunkings, raft upsets or other “dangerous” happenings. But instead a peaceful float down the Tieton River in Yakima, WA with beautiful scenery. It was good time even without the mishaps.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with appreciation. I’m gonna tell ya. I had purchased these rafting tickets back in May for a friend and I to go during our birthday month. Well it just so happens that this friend up and moved to Chicago the month before! Whats a girl to do? Figure out another person who is adventurous enough to have a good time on the water. I asked around but prior plans, fear of water (what! who has that!), and dislike for wet suits left me hanging. Until I found out that Derek went sky diving out of a plane in Fiji. I realized that if he can sky dive in Fiji he probably wouldn’t have a problem floating down a river in Yakima. He accepted even after finding out that it would a 9 hour day with 6 hours driving and 3 hours floating. What a trooper!

Thanks Derek for coming along for an adventure, driving 6 hours, sniffing out good wine and grabbing me some apples.


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