A Lifetime of Love

Art Doodles

Like clockwork my birthday comes every year. Amazing how when I was younger I wanted to speed it up and now that I am getting just a little bit older (not much) I wish that it would delay its coming. But one thing that I can always look forward to at my birthday is my Aunt Lois’ birthday cards.

My Aunt Lois is actually my dad’s aunt who has lovingly taken every great-nephew and great-niece of hers on. I don’t know how she remembers everyone’s birthday and keep us all straight! I am extremely blessed to have her in my life and appreciate every card, check and smile from her!

A little story about Aunt Lois and I is we spent a trip together when I was 11 to Disneyland with my Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Andy and little cousin Alec. One night, while we were in a tropical oasis that I would later in life call home for 7 years, we witnessed a beautiful display of God’s painting abilities with a pink and orange sunset. For some reason we had created a tickling contest associated with pink sunsets. Now our favorite joke is to mention a pink sunset. If you look closely birthday card number 23 is a pink sunset just for my Auntie Lois!


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