1, 2, 3,… 5, 6, 7, SALSA!

Art Doodles

“Ver-heen-knee-aaaa!” Yes, that is my name rolling off the tongue of my favorite salsa partner. I hated the pronunciation of my name in Spanish when I was younger but now with the rolling rrr’s and lively tempo it sounds like music!

Dancing is one of my favorite activities to do. The endorphins start pulsing through my veins along with the cowbell tink-ing in the background. Its a glorious feeling to just let the music flow through the tips of my fingers and the balls of me feet; the only point of contact the world beneath me. Always being a girly-girl, I enjoy the flip, twist and swish of my dress flowing between my legs as I turn and go through the salsa basic.

After moving to Seattle, I realized that it would be a little bit harder to find a good salsa partner. Imagine my surprise when in a small little Spanish restaurant in Wallingford I met Mario. A true gentleman, a salsa leader and penchant for laughter.

Thank you Mario for being a great friend and salsa partner! I promise I won’t try to lead… as much. 🙂

Can’t wait to get on the dance floor this week!


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