Inspiration #8: Cap & Cape Girl

Inspiration by Mail

You may have noticed that whenever I paint myself into one of the cards I am wearing a hat and maybe a cape with a fur like collar. I’m proud, honored and super happy to say that I actually own ones just like them!

Right before I moved to Seattle, I took a short pause in LA to celebrate Christmas with my family which is where I found my prized possession of a vintage caramel heathered cape and a vintage fur collar at Shareen Vintage. Ecstatic to be moving to a cooler weather climate, I snatched these two pieces and settled them on my shoulders. How had I ever lived without these pieces before!

My original thought was to call this blog “The Adventures of Cap & Cape’ or “Cap & Cape Notes” but none of them expressed the gratitude that I wish to portray in every post. Which brings me to say that this blog has everything that I appreciate in life on a very basic level: my fur collar & cape, hats, art, writing notes and expressing gratitude. I have a full life!

And now a few pictures of the adventures of this cap & cape girl around town…

On the train back to Seattle from Portland. I felt like I was traveling back in the 1920’s.

All dressed to go to Shareen Vintage in LA with my little fashionista Jelly!

Private Eye, Virginia. It was makeup day at the dance studio I worked at. It had to be something out of the usual, obviously!

First day of art school!

I’ve realized that I need to take the Cape on a few more adventures. Now that the weather has turned colder, I have been wearing her all week. What a feeling to be all snuggled up with the fur gently brushing my cheeks where ever I go. Now all I need is a pumpkin spice latte and the day is set.


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