Sprinkle a Little Fairy Dust

Art Doodles

Mothers are brave, protective, and adventurous. Every time a mother leaves her children with me, I am amazed at the amount of trust that she has bestoyed. Usually only after one meeting! A mother’s intuition is never wrong.

I counted on that very intuition when I built up Date Night Fairies Babysitting Service (DNF) while living in Tampa. From moving their in 2004, I had increased my list of families to over 20 in just a short amount of time. Of course I couldn’t have done this without my first family to give me the recommendation forward.

My very first family was the “Friday Night Date Boys.” My dad is very good about meeting the neighbors and really anyone who will talk to him while he is out grooming the yard or walking. That is how I came to know “my boys”. They hadn’t quite hit the double digits by then but were growing like weeds quickly! Their mother, Mallory, is straight forward and my kinda gal. What’s the point of beating around the bush? Her dry humor and ease made me feel right at home.

I spent many Friday and Saturday nights with those boys. Most of the time protecting breakable items in the house during a dart gun war or catching balls flying through the air. I’ll never forget taking air guns outside to paralyze the small lizards that scatter everywhere in Florida. The same lizards that look like they are constantly doing push ups; they may just be a little cocky. Or when the boys decided it would be a great idea to start trapping animals that wandered the backyard. I came over one day to find a not-so-happy possum in the trap. To make the night ever more adventurous they decided to let it go… yeah not my favorite part.

As the years wore on, I didn’t see them as much. Partly because they were pre-teen to teenagers and didn’t really need a babysitter anymore and also that I was busy with school. I would stop by infrequently and be amazed that they had outgrown me in height. These boys, soon to be men, definitely take after their father.  Oh My Friday Night Boys!

Thank you to Mallory for believing in a strange teenage girl to take care of her precious boys. Recently, I have also become extremely grateful for Mallory’s immaculately clean home and great style sense. (Living in Seattle again has taught me a few things.) I never would have been able to start DNF if it wasn’t for you and your wonderful family.

“We hope to be sprinkling a little fairy dust in your home soon!” ~ DNF Slogan

Tonight I was thinking of lettering for some reason- still need to work on those skills. There are a few faint fairies flying about on this card. One of them is the Fairy Godmother- Me! If you look really really closely you’ll see the telltale hat upon my fairy head.


3 thoughts on “Sprinkle a Little Fairy Dust

  1. spent yesterday with my fab husband at a Haberdashery here in palm desert—and i couldn’t help but think of you and all of your hats! i have never considered myself to be a hat kind of girl, but i am gearing up for the release of the hidden DIVA that i am sure must lie within… and i am gonna “just DO it!”…you inspire me with your joie de vivre…i want to be just like you when i grow up…thanks, veege…

  2. I love you Ginny! You were a wonderful babysitter and I knew the moment I met you how very special you really are. The Fairy Dust you sprinkled at the Dillion house blessed us all! We miss you. Love and Best wishes to our favorite babysitter!

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