The Return of 4 Eyes

Art Doodles

I have my eyes back! My glasses that is. After wearing glasses for 13 years, I had to send a pair away for glass repair. I felt lost, alone and BLIND without them!!! Well maybe not completely blind since I have an ample supply of contacts.

I had bought a new pair of glasses a year and half ago. Taa – Daaaaa!

Sadly enough they somehow got scratched on their scratchless lenses.  And yet I had paid extra for the scratchless quality of these lenses. But wonders of wonders them came with a warranty! So the fixing was free! (My favorite word right behind chocolate.) Hence my being blind for a couple days.

Thanks to The Optic Shop in Tampa, FL my glasses were fixed, sealed and delivered! And in less than a week. Thank goodness! While I love contacts and the ability to change in between personalities, the freedom to wear glasses and “be lazy” is ohhhh so delicious!  And now… “I can see clearly now the rain is gone!” Well actually the rain is still around. I do live in Seattle people but the scratches are good-bye!

Just a good tip for all those music lovers out there. Just click on The Optic Shop link to hear the music. Super funky, fun, poppy and absolutely perfect for a day bopping around town and feeling the loveliness of Fall.

Simplicity at it’s lashiness!


2 thoughts on “The Return of 4 Eyes

  1. …sigh…i don’t know what to say that i haven’t already said, veege…except “you are a sight for sore eyes”—lol

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