72 Steps + 11 years + 2 Best Friends = 1 Picture

Art Doodles

I’m tellin ya people you gotta get on The City with Mars Hill Church. It astounds me how one site can change my life so much…and its NOT Facebook! Here’s a tally of goodness pouring out of The City: free new mattress, free rent!!!, and now free photography session! It just maybe that God is dowsing me with LOVE. Yup, pretty positive that its.

Case in point, Dan. A wonderfully talented photographer. He somehow made the ridiculousness of Brenda and I “playing” together to look beautiful. Now that is a feat! We had a lot of fun but Brenda and I will be keeping our day jobs.

His mission statement in life is to bless people around him with the gifts that God has given him. Hello! Seems intuitive, right? Dan is doing life the right way. He works in medicine during the day and nightlights as a photographer in the off hours. How did I meet Dan and what does The City have to do with it? He posted on The City that he does portrait sessions for free. I was extremely skeptical of this because of an old college dorm mate who also did free portrait sessions. Eeeeek! I thank my parents and God for giving me the common sense never to believe that guy. But unlike weird dorm mate guy, Dan truly is a talented snapshot artist. If you don’t believe me or think the pictures of Brenda and I aren’t classical art, check out his website.

Brenda (my best friend of 11 years!) and I choice to take pictures in the quaint section of Ballard where we originally met. We both forgot that the Ballard Farmer’s Market takes place on a Sunday. But all for the better since we were able to shop (our favorite thing), eat homemade mini doughnuts and eat some gelato. Much to Brenda’s dismay; with an audience. Haaahahaaa.

Now for the fun stuff…

We almost look like real models here…if you close one eye and squint.

Dan is very stealthy when he takes pictures. Brenda and I “lost” him many times while we were absorbed in shopping and tasting different foods at the market. Because of his unique ability to let you be yourself, we did just that! And he caught us at our best moments. Here are the bloopers!

 Brenda couldn’t keep a straight face while we were doing our serious photos. Because of her laughing I’m smirking trying so hard not to laugh!

And now for the painted piece… Thank you very much Dan for giving Brenda and I great gift to remember for many more years to come!

Dan likes to wear hats too!


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