One Kick Goes A Long Way

Art Doodles

The person that everyone who reads this blog should thank is Nicole, my beautiful cousin. We had a conversation last February about following through on projects; mine being this blog and acting creatively everyday. It only took me 4 1/2 months after that conversation to actually get the wheels turning and the paintbrush wet.

Nicole has 3, oh so handsome, boys and is married to a heroic firefighter yet still finds time to look effortlessly chic everyday. Definitely one of my style icons to look up to.

Case in point: Here is Nicole, Baby Theo in tote, on her way to a beach picnic. Classic style points: Cabana hat, cut off jean shorts, flowy top, and rustic beach blanket.

Thank you Colie for being an inspiration, a guide to life, the “oomph!” that I need and Family! Love you!

I’ve always used the word “oomph” which can be credited to growing up in Rhode Island and the daughter of Mary. I found this definition at Spirited Vigor has just the tone to what I needed in life at that moment to start this blog and also what I live for everyday!


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