Painting By Numbers

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My journey from Tampa to Seattle, landed me in a vaulted ceiling art studio at Seattle Central Community College in the middle of Capitol Hill. My nervous jitters at starting a “real” art class had me taking notes and sitting at the front of the group of new students. It didn’t help that I got a reality check when I only saw around 2 people older than me. I was returning to college…

Thankfully not shortly after my astounding revelation of growing older the teacher walked in, Tatiana. Warm smile, tingling aura of excitement about her and the understanding that she was going to be a lot of fun.

One of the first days of sitting at a horse bench with my drawing board and pencils, Tatiana played “1, 2, 3, 4″ By Feist. (Click the link to listen to happiness for the rest of the post.)

I immediately started smiling and a couple of tears sprouted in my eyes. The first time I heard that song was with my two best friends in college. We would go up to my 3rd floor “penthouse suite” blast the song and dance around together. Now while most people would think we were complete dorks, and maybe we were, but together we were happy dancing.

The joy of that moment transplanted itself to the art studio at that moment. I realized I was happy again. The first time in a long time. The satisfaction of following my dreams and lifting a paint brush all came together.

One of my favorite memories of Tatiana is when she was giving me a critique on one of my drawings. I struggle with drawing extremely lightly. When I’m drawing it looks dark compared to the white paper. But when it is compared to others on a wall or looked at from across the room I realize that it disappears. It could be from the fact that I live in a small apartment and can’t get more that 5 feet away from it . But Tatiana said this “Virginia, you may just need to only draw light. Sometimes the dark in the world demands light.” I realized that it was very true of me! I still strive to darken and add dimension to my drawings but also realize that I like light!

Thank you Tatiana for reminding of the joy in being myself. Also I must thank you for boosting my spirits when down, when the thrill of moving fades, the decline of artistic inspiration goes and the realization that I am … old … ish. Your words are a bright spot on a rainy cloudy day.

When happiness is found sometimes the memory is enough to carry you through a dark day.


2 thoughts on “Painting By Numbers

  1. What a love letter– to your process, to art, to me, to your friends, to Feist! Thank you so much for bringing on the light, Virginia!

  2. yup—you are definitely light in a dark place, veege…and light is much needed…don’t ever underestimate it…

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