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I recently moved to a new apartment in Seattle! …again. I feel like I have been moving ever since I arrived in Seattle a little over a year ago. One good thing that comes from moving is being able to redecorate. My mom taught me the silver lining to this a long time ago.

On my hunt to find a cozy chair for my room, I wandered through Craigslist and found a perfect chair for FREE! Yes, people, I said free. There is a whole  Free section on Craigslist where people can post items that they don’t want to be hassled with to sale, refurbish, or are sick of seeing. Lucky me, I get to reap in the joys of their trash.

To my complete and utter joy, Dan posted this IKEA Tullsta chair. His faithful dog accidentally took a bite or two out of the lower back of it one day but otherwise this clean, spotless and odorless (very important!) chair was in good condition. With a little research, I found out that a $30 dollar slipcover from IKEA will do the trick of covering it up, nicely. Score for me!

Dan was kind enough to deal with the hassle of the Pacific North West’s “Snowmageddon” which brought ice and snow. Two treacherous weather systems that Seattle has no idea how to handle. Finally after a few days of me playing in the snow, I was able to make it over to him with my good friend Jason. (A snow break for you! Some snapshots from my snow vacation.)

Now back to the mission at hand. My friend, Jason, just happens to own a moving company called On the Go Moving. Kind of nifty to have a friend who knows how to move stuff correctly. While I didn’t really need his expertise for this particular event (come people, its only one small chair), I did need his truck and male presence. You never know who you’re going to meet off of Craigslist. Sorry Dan! But if you ever need to move something around town or across the country you should ask Jason!

Thank you to both Dan and Jason for making my new home feel even more like my own now.

I hope to be enjoying my chair soon. Waiting for the final coat of paint

to dry as I type right now.

Here we are “On the Go”!


4 thoughts on “On the Go Friend

  1. i love these, as you know…and this is great–gives me an idea of how to unload some of my “treasures without a home” here in LA–lots of stuff from england that i just won’t be using again, no matter how much i might want to….maybe they could bless someone like you…good stuff my friend—even without the ferret….

  2. I received this note from Dan:

    “Just a quick note…

    I just got your card in the mail…I’m pretty speechless! After trying to get rid of some other stuff on Craigslist and being stood up, strung along, no-shows, etc., it’s very refreshing and surprising to get your card and gift. I’m happy the chair works for you and that you can hopefully bring it back to it’s full glory! You’ve restored my faith in humanity!!!

    thanks again,

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