Unexpectedly Appreciated

Art Doodles

Sometimes in everyday life, you don’t anticipate being thanked or rewarded for a nominal task. I, of all people, forgot the power of an unexpected gift.

While working at Canlis Glass Gallery + Studio an event client reminded me of the simple act of kindness that words and a gift can bring.

How it all came together:

Rick donated to a Detlef Schrempf and Rise n’ Shine fundraiser by way of bidding on the Canlis Glass Party donation. (Side note: Rick works at Rise n’ Shine which is a great foundation for children and teens who are affected by AIDS/HIV. Check it out!)

Canlis Glass donates around the Seattle area to help aid in the monetary fundraising for many different non-profit organizations. What better bang for your buck than a kick butt party at the gallery with food and beverages provided by a catering company?

Rick saw the potential and snatched it up for his recent soiree. And what a party that was!

Thank you, Rick, very much for your kind words and gift. Chris and I truly appreciate the value that you seen in us.

Just me doing “Damage Control’ in front of the Bamboo Installation at an event. Rick’s event, thankfully, didn’t need any of these defense methods. 🙂

Also for your listening pleasure is Patrick Meyer. I found him playing classical Bach on a guitar outside of the downtown Seattle Nordstrom one Saturday. I told Rick about him and he booked Patrick for his event. Here’s a listen. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAhwS7wNzwg


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