Functional Art

Inspiration by Mail

Letters have been sent!

As I walked to the mailbox today, I couldn’t help looking down at the stamps on the envelopes. One of my favorite parts about sending mail is the stamps. Little pieces of art that are functional.

These are the two styles of stamps that were sent today.

Pretty, bright and cheerful additions to envelopes.

I bought these stamps for the exact purpose of sending letters to the male sex. There is something in me that can’t put a stamp that has the word “Love” on it to a person of the opposite sex that I do not feel that emotion for. Also the 1920’s feel of this car illustration goes along with my bob haircut and all my favorite beaded dresses and hats.

I enjoy buying stamps and being able to customize my correspondence even further. I spend many hours searching for the perfect card, ideas for painting cards and the best pens to write with. Why wouldn’t I spend a little bit more than an after thought when picking out stamps? Tomorrow I get the joy of selecting new stamps. Can’t wait to pour over the stamp books at the post office. What will be the new stamp choices for the next couple of weeks?


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