Snowy Adventures

Art Doodles

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have moved to new place in Seattle. I couldn’t have done it without this bevy of people! Even amid the snow storm that started to hit the Seattle area, this group of dedicated friends helped me move.

It was the first time in my life that I wasn’t beyond elated that it was snowing. I woke up the morning of the Big Move and looked outside. At least 3 inches on the ground and still coming down. In Seattle, that means all life stops and joins the outside activities of sledding, snowball fights and walks. Not very conducive to moving. I checked with my friends to see if they were up to moving still. Every one of them stepped up to the plate with snow gear in tow to help.

Again and again, I thank you for your help!

This lovely couple is absolutely scrumptious together! During the following week of the “Snowmageddon”, Scott & Ashlee invited me to their home for tea and homemade chicken pot pie. Living only blocks away was such a blessing. Thank you for that afternoon!

 They have a photography business as duo photographers. Check out their website O’Malley Photographers.

A person is never to old or grown up to hop on a sled and go racing down a hill. Thankfully we didn’t go “sledding” in Gary’s car on the way to the new place. We both took trips down our respective hills later on that week on our own unconventional sleds.

Gabby and Sampson were the most joyfully unexpected participants to the Big Move. I attended art classes with Gabby at SCCC. We had loosely stayed in contact through Facebook where she saw my plea for a SUV/truck for the move. What a friend to have! Check out her etsy shop, Canyon Child, where she sells her original artwork and customized clothing. Great stuff!

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