New Stamps

Inspiration by Mail

Here are the little joys I found at the post office. I think in the future I will order them online. There are so many different kinds online, but that would take all the fun out of looking at the books of stamps. Oh dilemma!

The scroll work lettering and bright red color made me choose this stamp right off the bat!

Bonsai trees are an area in gardening that I would like to try sometime. I heard that they are extremely hard to grow and are finicky about being moved. Hmmm, the semi-life of nomad/apartment dweller may not be the best home for these guys. So instead I put them on envelopes!

I think the reason I like Bonsai trees is because they are small. I have a deep set obsession with small objects. Paper pads, books, little creatures, purses, etc. These miniatures fit right into that. This is probably why I also like stamps so much. Small art!


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