Christmas Pajamas

Art Doodles

I have never received Christmas pajamas before. My mom’s tradition was new dresses on holidays. Personally, I prefer her tradition. Flowing skirts, satin ribbons and tulle. A little girl’s dream come true.

But this past Christmas I was given a pair of Christmas-y plaid pajamas from my roommate. They are delicious! Not quite like party wear attire but feels oh so much better when I’m snuggled into bed.

The roommate, Emilie, is now my former roommate. We had some good times together especially at Christmas. Walking together with the first candy canes of the season hunting out Christmas lights and singing carols. Eating Top Pot donuts only blocks from our house. Yum! Dance parties in the morning, noon or night!

I am extremely grateful that Emilie let me be her roommate.

Emilie had wanted to get me “proper” pajamas from the time that I first met her. She had a fear that there would be a fire and the firefighters wouldn’t be able to save me because I wasn’t wearing “proper” pajamas. Now that’s all taken care of!

Double Feature

A great big Thank You goes out to all the firefighters out there. I’m happy to say that I am related to such a brave individual. My cousin, Nicole, is married to firefighter, Brian. Brian is a part of the Westport Fire Department in Connecticut. Actually, I just found out after Googling (Yes, I Google people all the time even family!) that I should be calling him Lieutenant Meadows. Way to go Bri!

The adorable family at Brian’s promotion ceremony.

He was one of the men and women who volunteered their time to help out during 9/11 and the aftermath. There aren’t words enough to express the gratitude for the many men and women who helped out during that time.

To Brian & The Westport Fire Department: Station 1,

Many thanks & enjoy the goodies!

 Monster Cookies by Paula Deen

Paula Deen means one thing: Butter!

This painting sketch reminds me of the children’s books when I was younger. Especially the guy on the left who has his hands behind his back with the suspenders. Thomas the Engine would fit right in here with Sir Topham Hat.


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