For the Love of Mail

Inspiration by Mail

I was the child who would walk around the house with a pen and paper; writing notes, taking my family’s food orders (“Can I take yo or-da?!”), and scribbling letters to who knows who. All of this of course was before I could even read and write.

Fast forward 20 years and nothing has really changed. I still have a penchant for paper and pens. Anything that has an extra filigree added to it or my initial is bound to be found in my desk. If I didn’t like sending mail so much I would probably hoard all the lovely items I find to display around my house or just store up in boxes.

This past week has been one inspirational mail related item after another!

Making my mom’s beef barley soup on Monday, I found a sweet little spoon rest dish in the cabinet. Another sparkle to my day!

Then while perusing the ever popular, I came across these beauties. One day when I have my very own office/art room/escape, these pieces will have a home.

I would like to do this with one of the envelopes I have saved from my Grandma Bee writing me. She is always an inspiration to me in so many ways.

For Christmas, I made my niece, Jelly, a quiet book with a page that has a play mailbox. One day I will sit down at the sewing machine to make her play envelopes to go in them. For the time being, I send her tiny notes through the mail to go in it. What little girl wouldn’t love receiving stickers and other little goodies that I can find to fit into an envelope?

Audrey Hepburn will forever be a style icon that I will look up to. The day I found this I was glad to have Audrey as that person. Poise, style, and profound thoughts. (Hopefully she was the first person to come up with this quote.)

Now that you have your phrase of the day, go out and be Impossible!


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Mail

  1. You are sooo creative. I love Audrey Hepburn too. One of my favorite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I took the kids to the Providence Place Mall’s version of Tiffany’s over February vacation. So many beautiful things!!

    1. Why Thank You! Tiffany’s is such a happy place. Nothing like robin’s egg blue to lighten any mood. If only there was one on my way into work. I would pull a Holly Golightly to eat my breakfast there. 🙂

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