A Posy for Me

Inspiration by Mail

Every week I babysit this adorable little girl. She always has the brightest smile on her face and an impish twinkle in her eyes. It makes her all the more endearing.

Last week we had a rare afternoon of spring like weather. This little beauty was outside helping out daddy when I arrived. She will be a big sister soon and is taking her role very seriously. Oh to be young again!

I was emptying out my “Mary Poppins” bag later on that night and found this:

She had picked a flower just for me! The most special part for me is that she tucked into my bag for me to find later on. This Joy knows the happiness that flowers and surprises bring. I have put it in a small cordial cup on my headboard. Its such a sweet smelling sight to wake up to in the morning and blow kisses to at night.

This darling girl just turned Phree! To celebrate this special day, I made her a special crown. Perfect for the princess that she is!

I’ve been making these little crowns for all the little friends I have. My inspiration is all those times when I was younger when I would have loved to parade around the house in one of these just like Fancy Nancy.

This is the little Joy in my life. She creatively came up with this new smile just for me! Its her winking, funny, super happy laugh. Made me laugh out loud when she did it!

For all the little inspirations in your life, take notice and appreciate!

And I really am Mary Poppins! Take a look!

This was one of my Halloween costumes years ago. 🙂


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