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I must start out by saying that I have committed the worst offense in the gratitude world. I didn’t write a thank you note within a 2 week period after I was invited over to a friend’s house for dinner. For someone who writes about appreciation and gratitude, I should be more up to date on this kind of stuff. Unfortunately the art part of painting/sketching the notes gets in the way of punctuality. I am very sorry for this to everyone who will be receiving a thank you note long after the calendar page has turned. One saving grace is I haven’t forgotten the reason why I’m thankful! Its coming my friends…soon…ish.

Well to the present thanks needed. I met Tarah through the art glass gallery that I work at, Canlis Glass. She was the intern for the Fall 2011 quarter. I’m super glad that she was able to work with me for that period of time. Her energy, smile, enthusiasm and love of owls was infectious! Plus having a girl to catch drinks with after was always an added bonus.

We swore up and down that we would stay friends after her time at Canlis Glass and we have! I will say it isn’t the same as having her around every day but I’ll take what I can get!

Right before the holidays, she and her husband Ryan invited me over to their house for dinner. I love family dinners! I grew up with them and crave that interaction at the end of the day. Tarah had a little Christmas surprise up her sleeve for me en route to her home for dinner! (Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? No, hmmm, I must be holding back then!)

Tarah drove me to one of the largest residential Christmas light displays in Seattle!!! Meet the Menashe Family and their love/obsession with Christmas.

Basically, this girl has got me dialed in perfectly! Being able to participate in a holiday activity, have a wonderfully made dinner with her and Ryan and hang out was amazing! And I am indebted to them for introducing  me to the show, New Girl. I laughed so hard watching a few episodes of it with them. Seriously, freaking hilarious!

Some close up snapshots of the Menashe family’s house.

And in more Christmas holiday cheer, we went to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue, WA for the parade and ice skating closer to Christmas day. Oh I love the holidays!

The cute couple, Tarah & Ryan.

Does the guy on the left look familiar? Its Dan the photographer from the best friend photo shoot! We’re friends now. Cool, huh? Meet Jared and Matt too!

This guy, lets call him Joe, looks like my brother Zach. Especially when he is out on the ice flying by all the rest of us stumbling along. He has the look of determination and the classic “O” mouth formation. Yes, I accosted a complete stranger to get a snapshot with the look-a-like. I even feel like this non-smile smile is something my brother would do too!

Now for the art doodle…

To all things Christmasy- Thank You Tarah!


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