Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Art Doodles

Last week, my friend Jessica invited me over to her home to help her figure out the complexity of wrapping her multi-way wrap dress. The beauty of this dress has been shouted from the hilltops from every bridesmaid in the past two years. There is one style of many for every lady and shape out there. The breezy material and luscious feel of the material makes it every girl’s dream.

The difficulty of the dress needs a bevy of little ladies to help wrap them up. Good thing Jessica asked for some help. Except she wasn’t quite ready for the awkward backward hugging, lassoing wrap tale ends and funny laughs. Its always a good time when girls get together all in the name of fashion.

Afterwards, Jessica and her husband, Justin, took me out to dinner at their neighborhood place. The Hudson is great! I love how Seattle has little pockets of delicious food that makes getting out for a walk in the neighborhood completely worth it.

Thank you Jessica and Justin!

And now for the art…

Justin and Jessica have an elusive cat, Ronnie. He can open doors, drawers, rearrange furniture and make eggs. Well actually those last two aren’t completely true. But really Ronnie is a super cat who I only see in funny posts on facebook where Justin and Jessica find him in predicaments that are hilarious and unnerving. How does Ronnie do that? Which happens to be the title of this card.  Ronnie somehow commandeered Jessica’s dress with mile long ties and hood winked me into it. Along with stealing my hat! One day I will meet this Ronnie face to face. Someday…


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