Circle T Ranch

Art Doodles

Through the mountains and over the river to Circle T Ranch I go!
My friends, Tim and Kristy, have a great house in Wenatchee, WA. Part cottage, part cabin, completely wonderful. The house is located in the city limits but has the distinct feel of vacation when you are there. Sequestered amongst the tall pines and desert mountains, the feeling of peace is ever present. A large yard for badminton, bocce ball, impromptu concerts, campfires, golf toss and lounging is the epitome of relaxation. With Kristy’s parents next door, gourmet breakfasts by Ken and midafternoon savory appetizers from Heidi are unexpectedly provided.
The most enjoyable part of the trip is being close to friends who feel more like family. My first trip to the Circle T Ranch was in the beginning of August. Tim and Kristy invited our community group from church for a relaxing weekend out there. It was so amazing to wake up early (Yes, I, an admittedly a late sleeper woke up at 7:15am on vacation willingly!!!) to enjoy a cup of coffee and girl chat while the yard slowly woke up with sounds of rustling tree branches, the occasional dog yap and glistening sun. The next morning it was all the girls piled into the sleeper sofa with me to watch a girly movie. Don’t worry the boys weren’t subject to all this mushy gushy stuff, instead they went shootin’.  A little something for the girls and some bang bang for the boys.

Justin, the Boy Scout, making an impeccable bonfire for us.

The whole gang from the first trip.

This past weekend for one last summer hooyah it was back through the mountains to Wenatchee with a couple of friends. We braved the cold waters of the Wenatchee River to go floating.

1 broken pump, 1 broken cigarette lighter (sorry Brittany!), 4 generous people who let us use their pump, 1 cooler of forgotten lunch back at the ranch, 6 floats blown up, 2 hours of floating and 1 deer pooping in the river. After all that we dragged the floats out and had a good laugh.

I think it is safe to say we had our very own Planet Earth moment when the deer meandered down to the river while we were floating by to add in his own “floats.” Nothin’ like paddling for your life to get out of the way.

They guys tried to blow up the tubes by mouth until reinforcements came after the car pump broke. Way to stick with the plan!

Signing the Ranch’s guest book. Kristy’s dad, Ken, made this table for the house. Now everyone who visits traces their hand on the underside and signs it. Love this idea! Obviously we all were a little memorized by the notes, hand outlines and magic of the table.

Kristy, Tim and Baby J

Cally, my roommate’s pup, came along to Wenatchee with us. She was keeping Baby J company.

There is more to this past weekend that will be saved for a different post! Can’t wait to share it!

Thank you Tim, Kristy, Coco and Baby J for being generous not only with your home but with your time and friendships as well.

I have decided that the Wenatchee house can’t just be called “The Wenatchee House”. Its so much more than that! I discussed with Kristy that maybe a cabin or cottage tacked onto something might be the right way to go. But in the summer its more cottage feeling and in the winter it will be more like a cabin. Hmm….. so instead I think it should be the Circle T Ranch. Tim and Kristy’s last name begins with a T plus there are always plenty of people milling around for it to be dubbed a ranch. Or maybe it should be shortened to Circle T. Anyways, inspiration hit when my friend/roommate Brittany introduced me to the movie  Bad Girls where there is a Circle T Ranch.  I wouldn’t say this is the best movie ever. The best part was to hear Brittany’s childhood memories/commentary of the movie with her grandma and sister.  Therefore, I dub the house The Circle T Ranch!

Oh by the way, this same couple is the one who loaned me their car for a weekend earlier this year. See the card here. Generous to a fault!


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