Coffee & Shoes

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What better can a day be than good conversation with a friend, delicious coffee and shoes!

For my birthday this year Miss Maggie gave me a wonderfully sweet present. A friend date. Maggie and I have recently met in the past month and half or so. This was the best gift for a new friend. Quality time and shopping!

We meandered over to Bustle in Queen Anne for our cup of joe. And what a cup of joe! Salted caramel goodness with a spidery design in the foam. They have very original drinks that fit the Seattle coffee vibe.

Ironically as I write this I am in the stereotypical Starbucks sipping a cup of almost black almost unsweetened drip coffee- very un-Seattle of me. Where’s the Grande Skinny No Foam Extra Shot Upside Down Caramel Macchiato Extra Hot? šŸ™‚

Our next stop after chatting was a little shopping excursion to Meadow. A little boutique that has been raved about from so many friends. And I have yet to visit andĀ ogleĀ all the lovely threads and glittery items. Crime of all crimes it was closed on a Monday! Maggie thinking on her feet (hardy har har) decided we needed a trip to DSW instead. Off we went to decorate our toesy with anything that met our fancy.

I chose these little jewels. Tan flats with black bows and trim. Reminds me of French little girls and swinging skirts.

Thank you Maggie for making my Monday extra beautiful and celebrating my birthday in style!

I decided in an effort to thank everyone in a timely manner that skydiving would be my theme for the cards. It was my “Dive into 25” after all.


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