Pen Pals

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

Its Inspiration Friday direct from Miss Thank You’s Mailbox!

Holly and I met in college through various volunteering avenues. First the USF Charity Fashion Show, then Alternative Spring Break in Memphis and from then on we blazed the paths!

Since graduating, we’ve decided to stay in touch the ol’ fashion way. Pen sometimes pencil and paper. I enjoy seeing when a new letter has arrived from Holly. We keep streams of conversations going in our letters. Which is basically how we talk in person. Its funny because if you didn’t know what was written in the previous you may not be able to follow the thought, but we do just fine!

Holly is always sending unique cards that really brighten up my room. I like to display whatever notes or cards that are sent for a little while. Its miniature rotating art in my room. Someone put time and thought into designing those cards that it has to be shown for just a little while!

Here is one note card that Holly sent me. It happens to be perfect for this blog.

To my wonderful Pen Pal! Thank you for inspiring me with every note!


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