Royale Treatment

Art Doodles

Cupcake Royale treatment that is!

A surprise delivery of deliciousness showed up at Thursday Girl‘s house the week of my birthday.

Vanilla Blueberry Cupcake with Blueberry Frosting

& Chocolate Cupcake with Salted Caramel Frosting

Thursday Girl’s bud, and my little friend too, dropped these off to show how “sweet'” he is on me.

I’m a little sweet on him too! Who couldn’t be!?

You can tell how late I am with this thank you since Little Man is at a pumpkin patch for his “head shots.”

Photos by Little Man’s mom.

Thank you to my Little Man!

The Royale Air Force flew in this past birthday with a special treat!

Happy Halloween and Prayers for the East Coast!


Crépe Load of a Good Time!

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The ladies (Brittany, Melissa, Rachel-who is taking a sabbatical in France- and Myself) of the Florentia House host an almost monthly crépe night. Homemade crépes made to order by yours truly (and sometimes Lockhart).

Friends bring a crépe ingredient they would like to try and the ladies supply the batter and blintz cream. The creative combinations ensue with many ambitious people starting new crépe trends for the night. Can anyone say bacon and chocolate?

How does it all work together?

Grab a plate. Write your name and custom crépe order on the underside. Put in the line up. I or Lockhart will create the order on the spot. Hot n Ready to serve!

 List of ingredients available for fillings. This past weekend, the party was appropriately supplied with hot spiced apple cider. Individually spiked thanks to good ol’ Captain Morgan!

Snapshots from all the parties






One little lady always leaves a sweet thank you note on a plate for us.

Always in true crépe party fashion, she writes them on the back of a plate!

Twizzler stash, anyone?

Thank you Miss Christina for making the crépe parties extra special with your notes! (I keep them all. *wink*)

All pictures are a combination of the photographic geniuses of  Rachel Bradley, Scott O’Malley, Ashlee O’Malley, Brittany Ellingsen and party attendees!

Its Diving Time!

Art Doodles

One of the biggest thank you’s goes out to Kapowsin Skydiving. Come on people, they kept me from splatting on the ground from 10,000 feet.

I really enjoyed the experience with them. They made it seem so simple and didn’t give much time for jitters to set in to second thoughts. Not that I had any. That didn’t come until 2 days after I made the jump. I was looking at the picture below when I realized that I had jumped from a perfectly good airplane for no apparent reason with only a few tiny straps holding me to the instructor with the parachute. My heart has started to race again just thinking of it. But boy was it fun!!! Actually is was AWESOME!!!

Clearly from this picture I was not thinking about crashing. Nope, just completely stoked instead!

I am now on a mission to have everyone I know experience skydiving. Flying like a bird is one of the most amazing feelings in the whole world. Also being able to see the “world” below you without anything separating the two is so beyond words.

Picture Time!

My tandem instructor who I had met moments before climbing into the plane. Talk about trusting a stranger with your life!

I was a little excited/nervous getting the plane. Case in point: Girl Glistening = Sweaty Arm Pits

About to jump out of the plane! No second thoughts here.

Classic moment. The instructor decided to flip us out of the plane instead of the customary straight dive out of the plane. Made for a great picture and view!

I can’t unequivocally say that I remember this moment but looking at the picture it comes tumbling back in a jumble of emotions.

Oh and there is the perfectly good airplane leaving us in “space.”

Hello Mount Rainier!

All I could while flying was a big wide open mouth smile. Thankfully my instructor provided the in flight humor.

Two thumbs up for skydiving!

Landed safely on the ground and was met by my sidekick adventurer, Dan. It really is one of those cool moments in life, when you realize that the friends you make through life join your for memorable moments later on. Thanks Dan for joining me!

Thank you to Kapowsin for keeping me safe (along with Dan) and providing such a memorable experience for my 25th birthday!

My big cheesy smile that didn’t come off my face the whole day!

A Cup of Joe for Me!

Art Doodles

The dear sweet O’Malleys gave the perfect Seattle gift for my birthday. A gift card to Starbucks! One Tall Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato coming right up.

The inside paper of  the envelope is a reverse image of the butterfly on the card. Such an exquisite touch that makes the card and envelope that much more beautiful.

I am always reminded of the scene in “You’ve Got Mail” where Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is describing how to order a Starbucks drink. See Tom Hank’s rendition right here.

Here is the couple at a speakeasy party earlier this summer.

Thank you my dears for making my birthday so special!

Another skydiving doodle…

The Thankfulness Tree

Inspiration by Mail

The nesting holiday mode as begun for me. It happens every year around this time. The urge to snuggle in at home under blankets with a steaming cup of peppermint licorice tea and a book or movie becomes strong. Along with the temptation to gather every brightly colored leaf that has fallen to decorate the ground.

I am not big on decorating for Halloween. I didn’t grow up with my mom putting fake spider webs around the house along with witches and ghosts. Instead she usually did more Fall items and Thanksgiving decorations. I like this method of bringing the outdoors in when it is most colorful. If I was to decorate for Halloween this is how I would like to do it. One of my favorite bloggers, Life in the Fun Lane – Holly, gives Halloween a classic feel that looks just right to me. The only item I think is missing is leaves… lots of them!

This past week, along with my roommate Brittany, we bedecked the house for Autumn! I am so super blessed to have a friend and roommate who enjoys decorating and Fall as much as I do. Together the ideas flowed to create a homey space for us to gather friends and family in for the season.

My usual Fall decorations include a real leaf garland with leaves and pumpkins strewn about.


No pumpkins yet but there is a leaf garland in the entryway and Brittany used her creative touch to create some Autumn themed artwork for us. (She was able to fold the paper in a pattern to create another level of interest in the pieces. Great eye, Girl!) Still to come…a little bit more decorating on the tree branch in the entryway.

While perusing Pinterest, I found the concept of a The Thankful Tree. I instantly knew I wanted to do it in the apartment.

Image from

It seemed right to put up The Thankfulness Tree early to give the roomies and I a daily reminder of what is beautiful in our lives. So far it has worked wonders! Everyday I look for something in my day that truly makes me thankful.

Our tree is a little more of Tree than the original inspiration but it works for us! Brittany and I went scavenging for the branches in the park across from our house. Oh the memories!

Brittany put her artistic talents to go use with adding a whimsical “Thankful” to one of the branches.


A little touch of glitter dust to the branches adds an extra sparkle to our day!

My love of birds and Brittany’s love of glitter is embodied in this stately guardian of the tree. We have yet to name him/her. Suggestions?


We decided as a household that no one was allowed to put “I am thankful for bacon” or any other “dumb” phrase. Only things that you are truly appreciative of. Ironically the pictures that I snapped of two tags both have to do with roommates! 🙂

I am extremely thankful for my roommates! They bring so many smiles, laughs, dancing on furniture moments and insightful wisdom to my life.

Her Girl Thursday

Art Doodles

I have a Thursday Girl.

She’s My Girl Thursday instead of Friday. Great movie with Cary Grant. Appreciate the banter and smart retorts.

Yup, my weekly dose of little girly goodness. Pink bows, toothy grins, frilly skirts, and giggles.

Isn’t she precious!

I’ve been playing with her since she was 2 1/2 months old. She’s my little side kick for adventures, lunch dates and chillin.

This lovely lady is not that old yet but has already been taught the value of a good handbag and shopping. The only talents a girl should really cultivate in life. 🙂

My first foray into the world of designer handbags. I must say that I am hooked!

Thank you dear Thursday Girl for making my life so extremely blessed!  Also for making my arm candy so beautiful!

This is one of my favorite moments while skydiving. Feeling like I am soaring above the globe. Amazing moment!!!

Just Because…

One of my all time favorite pictures of Thursday. All that baby goodness!

Model perfect at the beach!

I have a slight obsession with putting headbands and bows on her little soft head. Who can resist!

Hand Crafted Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

Last week I was given an envelope by a friend on an ordinary Thursday. Not suspecting anything I carried on with my night. When I reached home I discovered the envelope tucked into a bag. I was happily greeted by this:

And also on a cheerful note, it is designed with the smelly markers! Not only does it look stunning but smells appetizing too!

Erin simple put into words exactly what I needed to hear. Its in the rare moments when you kinda wonder if anybody sees you or the effort put into something. On that Thursday night she was able to bring a smile and a soft tear to my eye.

Thank you my dearest Erin for being sensitive to your friend’s heart and desires. You truly are a beautiful woman!

Monogram Love

Art Doodles

I am drawn to any object that has a V, G, J or P on it. It could be a completely useless item but once you slap on a monogram it becomes timeless.

My friend Kristy knows me so well. She gave me a delicate filigreed mug with a sunny yellow “V” on it. At first, when I had opened the birthday present I didn’t realize the V on it. I was taken in by the scroll and floral work of the design. I had set the mug down for a moment and when my eye traveled back to the mug it rested upon the monogram in marigold. It is at those moments when true kindred spirits are known.

Kristy also knows of my affection for the clothing store, Free People. While my style isn’t exactly reminiscent of the hippie like vibe, I do like a few of there pieces that really stand out the to the girly playful side of me. So of course Kristy (The T family all together) gave me a gift card there!

My birthday bounty the day after my birthday. Evidence of birthday cake being eaten for breakfast while opening presents. One of the very best things in life!

For the moment my new monogrammed cup is holding pretty bright posies next to a birthday card (Maggie’s is hilarious!) and a note from a friend. I smile at it every night when I go to sleep and every morning as I return from dashing across the room to turn off my alarm (multiple times).

Thank you dear Kristy, Tim and Girly Girls for making my days and nights filled with smiles and my closet happy!

It was a surreal flash of a moment when you see a perfectly good plane that you just jumped out of leaving you literally in thin air. But oh so thrilling!!!

P.S. I was over Kristy’s home last week while she was showing me some of her new clothing finds for fall. (Every girl needs at least one item to spruce of her wardrobe for the coming season.) Kristy handed me a pair of pants, directed me to the restroom and demanded a runway show. Oh how glad I am that she did! She gave me these pair of pink/coral skinny pants that I am in love with! They fit great, finally pants that feel long enough and a vibrant color!


While Kristy and I may have very different styles we still seem to like the same items. She has the super cute sporty thing going while I feel the need to add heels to every outfit! Thank you my dear friend!

Birds and Bubbly!

Art Doodles

Back in 2000 when my family first migrated from the great state of Rhode Island to Seattle, we moved in next to George and Sandra.  George would tell tales of his adventures (paragliding, hiking, traveling, etc) and Sandra would grow a stunning flower garden that brightened up the Seattle weather that first year.

Soon after meeting them Sandra hired me as a house cleaner. My first legit job at 12 years old. It was a great respite for me. I was being homeschooled at the time after going to school in 6th grade. I had tasted the freedom and interaction with other people which I realized after homeschooling again that I really enjoyed it. Sandra, who worked from home, would chat with me while I cleaned the house. I have always known that I could talk and this was no different! I really enjoyed those times that I was able to spend at the “neighbor’s house”. They really were so much more than that.

The bird part comes from Sandra rescuing a baby pigeon on the sidewalk and nursing it back to health. He, Wilson, is now a welcome family member to their home. They’ve added over the years to their coop of feathers to give Wilson some company. Their Christmas cards will pop up with the birds wearing Santa hats hanging out in their aviary. Yes, George built them basically a mother-in-law suite in the back yard. Cushy life!

Since moving back to Seattle, it took us awhile to really reconnect. We decided to have breakfast at a quaint cafe inside of Swanson’s garden nursery a little bit before my birthday. I had lived for 2 years so close to the nursery but had never known there was a cafe there!  I ordered a Sandra special and gobbled up every bite! The cafe is set inside of a greenhouse structure with all windows, a coy pond and of course plenty of plants to go around. The perfect setting for breakfast any day! Sandra treated me to an early birthday present which was wonderful!

George and Sandra came to the Dive into 25 party with Bubbly!!! I love being with friends and family around the holidays. (I consider my birthday month to be the start of the holidays which makes it all the more special!)

Thank you Sandra and George for being AWESOME, bringing bubbly and chatting with me then and now.

George has skydived before and had quite a story to tell about it. While on the other hand Sandra will hardly go near planes. What a duo!

Pink Pink Pink!

Art Doodles

My Aunt Lois (who is really my great aunt) has always been the lovely doting relative. Without fail she mails cards for every significant event and never misses a birthday.

Last year I wrote this post concerning my birthday. I mentioned our love of pink sunsets. A few days ago I received a surprise phone call from her! Not having heard her voice in awhile but knowing her handwriting well it was such an unexpected joy. She said she had to call and see how my skydiving adventure went. And she of course had to comment on the fact that my skydiving jumpsuit was bright pink!

Evidence of the bright pink jumpsuit.                                                                               This is Dan, from this post and this post. We’re still friends and having adventures!

My Aunt Lois and I had a good laugh about the pink jumpsuit.

Thank you to my Aunt Lois for helping me to celebrate the great moments in life!

This was her card to me. I love that it proudly proclaims my new coming of age! 25 it is people! 🙂

Thankfully when I went skydiving it wasn’t too windy or I would have ended up like this!