Pink Pink Pink!

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My Aunt Lois (who is really my great aunt) has always been the lovely doting relative. Without fail she mails cards for every significant event and never misses a birthday.

Last year I wrote this post concerning my birthday. I mentioned our love of pink sunsets. A few days ago I received a surprise phone call from her! Not having heard her voice in awhile but knowing her handwriting well it was such an unexpected joy. She said she had to call and see how my skydiving adventure went. And she of course had to comment on the fact that my skydiving jumpsuit was bright pink!

Evidence of the bright pink jumpsuit.                                                                               This is Dan, from this post and this post. We’re still friends and having adventures!

My Aunt Lois and I had a good laugh about the pink jumpsuit.

Thank you to my Aunt Lois for helping me to celebrate the great moments in life!

This was her card to me. I love that it proudly proclaims my new coming of age! 25 it is people! 🙂

Thankfully when I went skydiving it wasn’t too windy or I would have ended up like this!


2 thoughts on “Pink Pink Pink!

  1. Very nice note, Gin. Do you mind if I call her up and read it to her? She doesn’t have computer access. Let me know what you want me to do. Love you!! p.s. I couldn’t find a 25 card anywhere!! I don’t know how she does it….Aunt Lois is amazing!!

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