Birds and Bubbly!

Art Doodles

Back in 2000 when my family first migrated from the great state of Rhode Island to Seattle, we moved in next to George and Sandra.  George would tell tales of his adventures (paragliding, hiking, traveling, etc) and Sandra would grow a stunning flower garden that brightened up the Seattle weather that first year.

Soon after meeting them Sandra hired me as a house cleaner. My first legit job at 12 years old. It was a great respite for me. I was being homeschooled at the time after going to school in 6th grade. I had tasted the freedom and interaction with other people which I realized after homeschooling again that I really enjoyed it. Sandra, who worked from home, would chat with me while I cleaned the house. I have always known that I could talk and this was no different! I really enjoyed those times that I was able to spend at the “neighbor’s house”. They really were so much more than that.

The bird part comes from Sandra rescuing a baby pigeon on the sidewalk and nursing it back to health. He, Wilson, is now a welcome family member to their home. They’ve added over the years to their coop of feathers to give Wilson some company. Their Christmas cards will pop up with the birds wearing Santa hats hanging out in their aviary. Yes, George built them basically a mother-in-law suite in the back yard. Cushy life!

Since moving back to Seattle, it took us awhile to really reconnect. We decided to have breakfast at a quaint cafe inside of Swanson’s garden nursery a little bit before my birthday. I had lived for 2 years so close to the nursery but had never known there was a cafe there!  I ordered a Sandra special and gobbled up every bite! The cafe is set inside of a greenhouse structure with all windows, a coy pond and of course plenty of plants to go around. The perfect setting for breakfast any day! Sandra treated me to an early birthday present which was wonderful!

George and Sandra came to the Dive into 25 party with Bubbly!!! I love being with friends and family around the holidays. (I consider my birthday month to be the start of the holidays which makes it all the more special!)

Thank you Sandra and George for being AWESOME, bringing bubbly and chatting with me then and now.

George has skydived before and had quite a story to tell about it. While on the other hand Sandra will hardly go near planes. What a duo!


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