Monogram Love

Art Doodles

I am drawn to any object that has a V, G, J or P on it. It could be a completely useless item but once you slap on a monogram it becomes timeless.

My friend Kristy knows me so well. She gave me a delicate filigreed mug with a sunny yellow “V” on it. At first, when I had opened the birthday present I didn’t realize the V on it. I was taken in by the scroll and floral work of the design. I had set the mug down for a moment and when my eye traveled back to the mug it rested upon the monogram in marigold. It is at those moments when true kindred spirits are known.

Kristy also knows of my affection for the clothing store, Free People. While my style isn’t exactly reminiscent of the hippie like vibe, I do like a few of there pieces that really stand out the to the girly playful side of me. So of course Kristy (The T family all together) gave me a gift card there!

My birthday bounty the day after my birthday. Evidence of birthday cake being eaten for breakfast while opening presents. One of the very best things in life!

For the moment my new monogrammed cup is holding pretty bright posies next to a birthday card (Maggie’s is hilarious!) and a note from a friend. I smile at it every night when I go to sleep and every morning as I return from dashing across the room to turn off my alarm (multiple times).

Thank you dear Kristy, Tim and Girly Girls for making my days and nights filled with smiles and my closet happy!

It was a surreal flash of a moment when you see a perfectly good plane that you just jumped out of leaving you literally in thin air. But oh so thrilling!!!

P.S. I was over Kristy’s home last week while she was showing me some of her new clothing finds for fall. (Every girl needs at least one item to spruce of her wardrobe for the coming season.) Kristy handed me a pair of pants, directed me to the restroom and demanded a runway show. Oh how glad I am that she did! She gave me these pair of pink/coral skinny pants that I am in love with! They fit great, finally pants that feel long enough and a vibrant color!


While Kristy and I may have very different styles we still seem to like the same items. She has the super cute sporty thing going while I feel the need to add heels to every outfit! Thank you my dear friend!

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